Preventing Theft: Creative Ways To Hide Your Security Cameras

Security cameras are helpful in deterring theft, and some people want them to be obvious in order to do just that. However, if you hide your security cameras and wires, they’re less likely to be tampered with, and you may catch a criminal off guard. Here are three creative ways to hide your security equipment, so others don’t know you’re watching them. 

Viewing Suspicious People with a Camera Inside a Vase

One interesting way to hide an indoor security camera is by planting it inside a vase. You can place the camera, which will need to be waterproof, inside a vase that already has a plant inside. 

The lens of the camera may be shiny, so one way you can hide it is by adding river rocks around it. They all have a shine in the sun or light, so the lens will be less obvious. 

For the camera’s cord, drill a small hole in the base of the planter, so it can be pulled through. Back your planter up to an outlet, and no one will notice that it’s plugged in. 

Clocking Crime with a Camera Hidden Behind Your Timepiece

Another way to hide your security camera is by placing it behind a clock. This is particularly easy to do if the clock’s face is the same color as your camera’s lens. 

You’ll need to cut and fit the lens of the camera into the clock face or body, which can generally be done by a professional.

Once the correct holes have been made, you just need to mount the clock over the security camera and wires. The clock is able to run as usual, and you’ll have a good disguise covering your expensive security equipment. 

Getting a Bird’s Eye View with a Camera Inside a Bird House

For outdoor security cameras, a good way to hide them is by creating a false bird house. When you look at a bird house, the opening is generally always perceived as black, because the house is dark inside. That makes the perfect cover for your camera. 

Your wires can come out of the back or top of the house, and to disguise them, simply use string lights or other wired lighting to make it look like that’s the wiring traveling up to your bird house. 

When the wiring reaches the ground, you can bury it with proper insulation to protect it from the elements. 

These are three ways you can hide your security cameras. With a little diligence, no one will know they’re there but you.

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