How To Conserve Printer Toner With Emerging Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions

Printer ink might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of being eco-friendly. But, printer toner has a number of problems associated with it including toner ink exposure, as well as the potential environmental problems associated with printing such as volatile organic compounds. Fortunately, there are some new green methods for cutting back on using dangerous printer toner with your multifunction color printing devices.

The Dangers of Using Toner

The more demand is created for ink that uses VOCs, the more dangerous chemicals are released into the atmosphere and the more oil reserves are used up. In addition, some studies have indicated that toner used by laser printers and others can cause respiratory problems in those that breathe it in.

Some of these studies have even suggested that long-term exposure to toner can be carcinogenic. The particles released during the process that uses the toner to print pages are thought to be to blame for the problem. Many experts recommend using masks when handling printer toner until the studies finish, but even if you do this, you’re still releasing the particles into the environment.

Eco-friendly Laser Printer Toner

One approach to making color laser printers more eco-friendly in terms of the toner they use is through soy-based toner cartridges. Soy toner is an alternative for traditional solutions that use oils with volatile organic compounds in them that are bad for the environment. Soy solutions for toner cause less damage directly, and they also have the advantage of being sustainable. After all, fossil fuels aren’t going to last forever.

Some companies have even been able to cut the costs of ink by as much as 20% for soy-based toner in comparison with some traditional toners. So, by switching to soy-based solutions you can save money and the environment all at once.

Inkless Printers

Another approach is to use new technology that doesn’t use ink or toner of any kind. The printer instead uses holes drilled into anything in order to make marks instead of using ink. You might think that this might only work for black and white printing, but this isn’t the case.

The multifunction printer is able to add color to paper or other objects by varying the pattern and depth of the hole puncturing. This creates a number of “microscopic wells” that reflect light at different wavelengths. The result is that the varying wavelength reflection creates different colors. So, you get colors without using any harmful toner whatsoever.

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