Field Service and Remote Support for Sun Systems

Keeping a full-time Information Technology (IT) staff can be intimidating, especially if you don’t need IT services on a regular basis. Your systems may rarely go down, and changes may not be necessary unless you’re planning a drastically different network design or some new features. Take a look at a few remote and on-site technical services that you could enjoy by working with a third party maintenance team.

Remote Support Can Handle Most Issues

For many Oracle databases and Sun Microsystems devices, the real work is all in the command line. If you call a technician to code in a new feature or to make changes to your network, it’ll likely be a busy day (or week) of typing and confirming. Hard work to be sure, but work that can be done over the Internet.

Remote access has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of having to dial into a network; all you need to do is allow the third party maintenance team to design a safe and secure connection plan so that their team can log in as needed to get the work done.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) needs to be alerted if technicians are unable to connect to your network because of slow Internet speeds on your end. This means that you’ll need an upload speed that is powerful enough to send a live feed of any screens that the technician needs.

The Internet speed requirements aren’t high, but remote access is a good test to find out if your ISP is giving you what you’re paying for. Work carefully with the remote support time to test both your Internet connection and their connection to keep your internet speed in shape and your maintenance efficient.

Field Service Technicians for On-site Tasks

There’s times when remote access needs someone to press a button. You or your team can handle a few basic power plug removals or even some typing, but if someone needs to install or repair actual hardware, your maintenance support team should have you covered.

By either sending their own in-house technicians or by interviewing technicians in your area, a field service technician can arrive on the scene with tools in hand. The third party support team should be managing any parts that need to be sent, either by having the field service technician carry the parts during their travels or by having the parts sent to your company. Either method works, but discuss the parts plan beforehand.

If Oracle database backups need to be made, consider having the remote services technician and/or field service technicians perform a backup. It’s a good idea to have a backup in a different physical location, which the remote technician could perform from your systems to theirs.

In case of crisis or natural disaster, there’s a good chance you’ll have a copy out of the danger area. If the Internet is too slow to push the information to their location, the field technician could take the update and mail it away. Contact an Oracle third party support professional to discuss service agreements and technician availability. You might even consider looking into the websites of local services, such as, to learn more.

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