Breaking Down The Top 3 Myths About Prepaid Cell Phone Service

In the United States, only about 25% of cell phone users have prepaid cell phone plans. That pails in comparison to other parts of the word. For example, in Western Europe, about 70% of cell phone users have prepaid plans, and up to 99% of cell phone users in Africa have prepaid cell phone plans. The United States is one of the few markets where more users have post-paid cell phone plans instead of prepaid cell phone plans. Here are a few of the myths that seem to hold back many United States cell phone users from switching to prepaid cell phone plans.

Myth #1: You Can’t Use New Smartphones

Most cell phone users like to stay up with current trends, and like to purchase the latest smartphone that has hit the market. Many cell phone users wrongly believe that if they go with a prepaid cell phone plan, they can’t purchase and use the latest smartphone. 

That is not the case. With most of the major prepaid cell phone carriers in the United States, you can purchase and use the latest and biggest brand new models. You will be expected to pay for the phone up-front, but once you do that, you should be able to use your brand new smartphone with a compatible prepaid cell phone plan. Since many post-paid cell phone plans now require you to pay full price for the phone, and no longer offer discounts on new smartphones, this is not much different from other cell phone providers in the United States.

Myth #2: Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Are Limited

The next myth that many people believe is that prepaid cell phone plans are limited. There is a misconception that you cannot get prepaid cell phone plans that offers the same amount of minutes, text or data as post-paid cell phone plans.

Most prepaid cell phone carriers now offer plans that are comparable to those offered by the major national cell phone providers. You can find plans that offer you unlimited cell phone minutes and texts, and you can find pre-paid cell phone that offer unlimited data as well. You can find a variety of different plans, just like you can from the major cell phone carriers in the United States. 

Myth #3: Prepaid Networks Have Limited Range

The final big myth that many individuals have in the United States is that prepaid networks have limited range and coverage, and that they may face roaming charges with a prepaid cell phone. Most prepaid cell phone providers partner with other cell phone providers in the area. They have contracts that allow them to use other provider’s cell towers. Most prepaid phone carriers can offer you an excellent range of coverage. 

The next time your contract is up for renewal, consider switching to a prepaid cell phone plan. With a prepaid cell phone provider, you can still use the latest smartphone, purchase a comprehensive plan, get the coverage you need and perhaps even save some money as well. For more information about phone services, visit a company like Dalton Utilities.

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