Technology and the Telephone

Technology and the Telephone

Landlines Evolve

With the invention of the telephone, it was only a few decades before we evolved from telegraphs to touch-tone telephones. Progress came swift, and people embraced this new technology that allowed easy communication with each other. Rival companies and disputed patents helped speed the process up in Canada.

the Telephone

Launching the Mobile Phone

Even though the idea of a cell phone came about in 1947, it would be twenty years before regulations made it possible to effectively research this idea. With government red tape out of the way, the cell phone launch took off, and quickly skyrocketed to the point it is at today with millions of subscribers.

Technology and the Telephone

How Did We Get the Telephone?

You may know who invented the telephone, but how did it come to be? Do you know who made and received the first phone call? What was the first telephone conversation like? Learn the fascinating history behind the invention we can’t seem to live without anymore.